Crystal Reiki Healing Session (1 Hour) $60

Selected crystals and orgonites are used on the body to promote healing and chakra balance.

Distance Reiki Healing Session (30-45 min) $50

Energy expands beyond space and time transmuting through the spiritual realm into the physical, making distance Reiki just as effective as in-person Reiki.

Vibrational Sound Therapy and Biofield Tuning (1 Hour) $60

Biofield tuning is a form of energy medicine that uses sound waves, produced by tuning fork vibrations, in our biofield that surrounds the body. The tuning forks create vibrations that the body can retune itself to, allowing it to relax out of habitual patterns of stress.
Crystal singing bowls (tuned to resonate with each chakra) are used to align, rebalance, and cleanse the chakras for deep healing.

Animal Reiki Sessions (20-60 minutes depending on the animal and how they receive the energy) $50

During a Reiki session, animals often experience peace allowing for new patterns of health and wellness. *Please note there is an additional fee for travel greater than 20 miles.

Wedding Officiant $100